I’ve Been A Busy Beaver

the petunias i planted in our back yard are growing beautifully

Since last posting, I’ve been very busy! But not with projects. Over the past 3 weeks I spent a long weekend visiting my brother and his family in Arlington, Virginia, I attended my first bar mitzvah, I celebrated my 5th wedding anniversary, my laptop died, my Instagram was disabled, and Bonkers was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure. At least the gardens are growing!

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Catio Upgrade – Part 3: Welded Wire

darwin checking out the catio sleeping box

Earlier this month I ripped the chicken wire off the catio and re-stained it. I also built a sleeping box for the bottom level. Next up was attaching the welded wire I bought from Amazon. The welded wire was so much easier to use than the chicken wire! It lay flat when I rolled it out, it didn’t have stabby edges that cut me or got snagged on my clothes, and it’s welded in 1″ sections which made measuring a breeze.

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If You Noticed Any Wonkiness With My Site…

my drop-down menus are now picture thumbnails

Over the past 2 days, if you’ve noticed any wonkiness with my site, it’s because I was updating it to “Managed Wordpress”. It all started on Thursday when my theme released a new update which broke my site. I was getting a PHP error, which I asked my theme’s author about. Turns out my PHP was very outdated & updating to the new version wasn’t as easy as I’d imagined… shocker.

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I Stained the Rest of my Workbench

the workbench looks great now that it's completely stained

Last February I stained & waterproofed the top of my girl cave workbench. I only did the top because I didn’t think it would matter if I left the rest natural wood, and I needed the top waterproofed stat, since my stained glassing was leaving ugly waters spots on the MDF. But after living with it for a few months I decided the rest really needed to be stained.

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