45 MORE Glass Circles, Because I’m Insane

i cut 45 new stained glass circles!

For the past month I’ve been super busy at work. It hasn’t left me with much mental energy for DIY or art after work, or even on weekends. Especially since 3 days a week I’m still heading to the Y to put in miles on the recumbent bike. Usually weekends are spent like a sloth on the couch catching up on TV and sleep. But I have been slowly plodding away with stained glass!

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Drop-Down Menus Begone!

each page has 2-5 picture boxes which you can hover over & click

My drop-down menus, which I added last year, were starting to REALLY annoy me and get in the way. So I have re-done my page and gotten rid of them. Instead, when you click on a menu item like RIVER, you get a new page with square photos, one for each category. Hover your mouse over each square to see the category names, then click!

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