Fall 2021 In Photos
Fall 2021 In Photos

Fall 2021 In Photos

In October 2021, a movie production crew took over our street to film Salem’s Lot [release date 9/9/2022].  I will be writing a post about this, with many photos.  It was so cool to watch!:


Some vampires on the roof across the street; our back door looked cool with set lights reflecting into the area:


On October 6, 2021, my brother, my mom, & I buried my Dad’s ashes [I bought the Chrysanthemums a week prior – they looked beautiful both outside our door & at the grave]:


Birdie [left] & Darwin [right] enjoying a heating pad [on low]:


One of the many wild mice I fostered last year:


Birdie up close, and a new flavor of NyQuil “weaponized honey” – it’s actually pretty good!:


Pinky at the vet.  Poor guy.  He had lice.  He made a full recovery.  His brother wasn’t so lucky [RIP Willow]:


The awesome LED tree my mom sent us for Christmas – it’s still in our living room, up on a table:


A Downy woodpecker at our feeder; my hand was bruised for a month following a bad IV attempt during my December surgery [it had been super swollen as well]:


The cemetery where my Dad’s ashes are buried… beautiful in any season:

Gators & turtles in Florida:


Birdie sleeping on the furry comforter cover I had briefly; Darwin romancing it:


He violently humped it about 4 times a day facepalm:


Ipswich Illumination 2021:






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  1. D'Arcy Heiber

    I’m so sorry to hear your dad died!
    The movie crew must have been fascinating … that giant lighting contraption is awesome!
    I’m glad to know Darwin humps his blanket. Our cat Tara does that, too, then she lies down and looks so relaxed. It’s so weird … never heard of any other cat doing that.
    Beautiful holiday lights! Strange to think about autumn when our dang spring has been so wet and cold. We want summer!

    1. Thanks, D’Arcy!
      Yes, the movie was so fun to watch, from our driveway (when allowed) and from our upstairs bedroom window! The film crew rented our driveway for 2 days to set up their fog/smoke machines 🙂
      Tara too, eh? Ya, soooo weird but hilarious! Darwin does the same thing – falls into a relaxed stupor when he’s done. Unfortunately Birdie puked ALL OVER the super furry comforter cover and we threw it out. It shed so much I was afraid it would permanently disable our washer!
      I know, I’m trying to get caught up on posts. Ever since Dad was diagnosed in January 2021 (pancreatic cancer), my brain was unable to focus enough to blog or do much else except work and sleep.
      Our Spring has been cold and wet too!!! Mostly cold. Super weird.


    I always love your posts and photos. It’s been a while, glad to see you’re back!
    You live in a wonderful town that offers just about anything anyone should ever want.
    And there were some particularly fascinating activities last fall, including the filming right outside your front door, and the amazing illumination. That’s a spectacular!
    Your cats are beautiful and always interesting – and the mice are cute!
    And last but certainly not least, I want to thank you again for all you did during the very difficult time after Dad died, and for bringing those gorgeous fall flowers to his grave.

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