Summer 2021 In Photos
Summer 2021 In Photos

Summer 2021 In Photos

I didn’t take many photos this past summer.  Combination of COVID, surgery in July, Dad dying in August…  Here are my Instagram snaps from Summer 2021:

Snappers in the Ipswich River below our living room; Bell’s Palsy at the airport:


Trying to sleep on a plane; Darwin LOVES to squish his body into the smaller rat cage when I’m cleaning it:


Bin cage for wild mice [temporary]; flowers from hubby :


Wild field mouse babies:


Summer hike; our yard flowers:


More wild field mouse babies:


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    1. Happy New Year to you as well, D’Arcy!!!
      What a year… I’m sick of 2022 already LOL just kidding. We haven’t had much snow at all, a couple of dustings that melted right away. But I know it’s coming! And I’m not looking forward to it.

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