A Visit to the Bro
A Visit to the Bro

A Visit to the Bro

In late October I flew down to VA and spent 2 days with my brother Seth, his wife, and their 2 girls.  Their 2 older boys are both in college and I will have to wait until Christmas to see them.

Their house; their bunny Milo, who is like 7 or 8 years old:


A few of their chickens enjoying a dirt/dust bath in an unused garden bed:


We went on an awesome 3 mile hike to see a waterfall:

The trail was full of Woolly Bear & Giant Leopard Moth caterpillars.  I’ve always loved caterpillars ever since I was a little girl:


I flew down Saturday morning and stayed overnight.  On Sunday morning my youngest niece, Kristen, made amazing waffles.  She made me a “flower” with a small and large waffle.  Later that morning I gave Milo some baby carrots.  I loved how he put his claw on one carrot as if to say “MINE”:


Their Pomeranian Milly kept an eye on me the whole time; their chickens running around the yard:


My brother was laughing when a chicken speared a piece of banana on her beak:


At one point 2 chickens were occupying 1 nesting box in the coop Seth built earlier this year.  There was a squabble:


Seth & his family live on 3 acres of beautiful land in northern Virginia:


I made friends with their neighbor’s cat, unfortunately only through a fence.  The sheep statues outside a shop we went to were decorated for Halloween:


I accompanied Seth & family to Wegmeyer Farms to pick out pumpkins:


Brother of the corn:

More chicken shenanigans and another view of their beautiful yard [they own the land beyond the black fence, too.  The fence is just to keep the chickens & dogs relatively close to the house]:


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    This was excellent, Alison!
    Their property is amazingly beautiful – actually most of Virginia is beautiful, and the climate is just about perfect. The chickens crack me up; they love wandering around, getting into Julie’s garden when they can, and just causing some low level trouble. I love the fact that they lay pastel colored eggs, each chicken with a specific egg color. How cool is that! What a fun visit for you and for them.

    1. It was a wonderful visit. I wish it had been longer. Next time I will stay 2 night, as my allergies (to the dogs) seemed OK. Their chickens are very entertaining! I love that they put themselves to sleep every night in the coop, and Seth only has to walk down and lock the door.

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