I Hate Cleaning our Fence

About 4 years ago I washed the green algae and moss off our plastic [came with the house] yard fence.  The fence gives privacy to both back yards belonging to our condo building.  It’s taken about 4 years for it to get gross again.  I only cleaned our part… sorry Kathy!  It took 2 hours of constant scrubbing with a sponge dipped in white vinegar and hot water, followed by hosing off each section as I went.  It was exhausting, but it HAD to be done.



I started with the yard door, which is only 2 years old, so not nearly so green:

Then with the front of the fence on either side of the door.  First the left:

Then the right – halfway!:

And an hour and a half later… done – so shiny!:


Then came the the inside fence separating the 2 yards:




And half an hour later, done:


I’ll also take a moment to show you our yard flowers which are doing really well:



In the long, narrow green planters I’ve planted bachelor button and zinea seeds, which should start growing any time now.

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8 thoughts on “I Hate Cleaning our Fence”

    • maybe… but it’s such a small section of fence that it doesn’t seem totally worth it. i think my dad’s idea of a long-handled scrub brush would have worked really well, followed by a good hosing off.

  1. Yuk, my least favorite job…however, in Florida, a high mold state, I use Deck Wash that I buy at the local True Value hardware store ( Baileys). I apply it with a long handled brush, let it set five minuets and hose it down. It removes all the dirt and cruddy green stuff with very little effort. ❤️ D

    • good to know! ours is algae and moss, there’s none of that definite smell you get with mold and mildew, so at least there’s that… i will get a long handled brush. i will try deck wash on our deck – it’s also turning green, but only on the floor.

    • the garden hose was enough of a pressure washer – i was SOAKED when i was done! it did feel nice 🙂 i think a pressure washer would be overkill, as the algae comes off really easily with a sponge. it would be fun, though…

  2. That’s a nasty job – the kind we all hate. But the results are so good that it’s worth it.
    The next time you might try filling a pail with vinegar mixture and then use a long handled brush to scrub off the dirt. If that works, it would make the job so much easier!

    • at least it’s not every year i have to do it. that would be much worse! i will get a long handled brush. that’s a good idea.


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