Major Accomplishments of 2019
Major Accomplishments of 2019


  1. I’m really curious how you like the watercolor pens. Your examples are beautiful! Do you also use regular watercolors? I do, and I’m always tempted by these pens. If you posted about this, I missed it, and I’d love to know more!

    1. Nine Dark Moons

      Hi D’Arcy! I haven’t posted about them yet, but I will be. I LOVE them! I followed along with the youtube tutorials for the first 4, and have 2 more tutorials to do. I haven’t used actual watercolors since art classes in college. I always found them frustrating to use! The pens are definitely easier, and have so much versatility. I look forward to learning more about how to use them, and branching out into my own creations.
      BTW I’m one of the unfortunate ones who can’t comment on your blog! The comments I left about your incredible trip and photos in South Africa are in the ether somewhere!

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