The 3rd heating zone is our master bedroom.  I installed the smart thermostat in there back on November 30th, but didn’t have time to feed the wire through the wall until this past weekend.  Since you have already read all about our other 2 smart thermostats, I’ll keep this post very short.

On November 30th I removed the old thermostat and installed the new one.  The USB cable hung straight down and plugged into an outlet below.  Last weekend I unscrewed the new thermostat from the wall, cut a hole in the drywall [so I’d have room to toss the bolt down attached to the string], and drilled the top hole below the thermostat where the wire will go in:


Then drilled the bottom hole above the baseboard where the wire will come out.  I threaded the wire through the wall with the bolt/string/magnet tool method and a few minutes later was done:


It wasn’t totally necessary to thread the wire through the wall, the thermostat is on the wall to the left of my t-shirt chest and the outlet is on the same wall near the floor, but I wanted to be consistent.  I think it looks much nicer to have no wire hanging down:


Hubby can control all 3 smart thermostats from a Lux app on his phone.  Apparently I can too, but I haven’t set it up yet.  Here’s some cool screen shots he sent me from the app:


We can check the room temperatures when we’re away and adjust them if necessary.  And we can see usage reports and the current schedule.  Very cool!

I believe I am ALL CAUGHT UP now, with 2019 posts!  I have been cranking them out as fast as possible over the past 2 months to get them done before the New Year.  Phew!

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  1. Nice job! We are wrestling with how to get the wiring inside the wall for our new Nest thermostat. Apparently the old one’s wire was stapled to the stud and won’t come out. Our contractor wants to put the new wire in a white conduit down the surface of the wall. Uh, no! Haha — I’m sure we’ll think of something. It’s thick, 6-wire stuff. Congrats on cranking out the posts … I’m having trouble with that, too. 🙂

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