If My Site Looks Different…

If my site looks different it’s because I’m fiddling around with a new theme and trying to customize it to look as much as possible like the old theme.  My old theme, Mantra by Cryout Creations, is over 5 years old [I’ve only been blogging for 3, but Mantra has been around since May 2011].  My new theme, Nirvana by Cryout Creations, is 2 years old but comes with many upgraded features that will help speed up my site and allow me to ditch about 4 plugins [“apps”].  The less plugins you have the better, for speed and for security reasons.

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  1. Nice job – it looks great!

  2. It’s awesome that you can do this yourself. I would love to update my site.

    • It’s much easier than it seems. You can try downloading different themes you like, and then do the “preview” which lets you see what your site looks like without committing to it. I did that a few times, until I found the one I liked. Which is pretty much just an updated version of my old theme!

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