Photo Project – Part 7: 2011-2015

This has been the hardest set of years, by far, to go through.  I deleted over 15,000 photos from these 5 years!  OMFG!  My favorite aspect of digital photography is that you can take an unlimited amount of photos.  So I typically take about 20 pictures of everything just to make sure I get one picture I like.  However, that creates an ungodly amount of digital photos for any given time period!  But, after about 40 hours of work [at least], I now have scanned images of my film pictures from 1987-2000, and pared down digital photos from 2001-2016, all organized by year and category.  W00t!  Here are my favorites from 2011-2015:

250a        250b

250t        250d

250e        250f

250g        250h

250i        250zf

250j        250s

250k        250l

250m        250n

250o        250p

250q        250r

250c        250u

250v        250zd

250x        250y

250z       250w       250zc2

250zb        250za

250ze        250zg

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  1. Luv the factory picture and the cats of course. Dad

  2. Amazing photos! I love so many of them that I don’t even know where to begin, but one of my top favorites is the view of the Choate Bridge from your house. Spectacular!

    • i love that one, too. i think this is my favorite set so far! it’s hard because i’ve already posted all or most of these in various blog posts throughout the past 2 years, but i wanted to capture them all together.

  3. Wow, love the sunset reflected in the river! I so need to do this, but it’s not even visible on my radar yet. Someday!

  4. Jessica @CapeofDreams

    Awesome pic of the yawning cat on the pink blanket – it is my favorite. I used to put all of my pictures immediately into photo albums, but since I bought a digital camera I stopped. Now the task of trying to go through all those years of photos is daunting. I’m impressed you did it.

    • Thanks, Jessica! I used to always put my photos immediately into albums, too. But with digital photos, I just sort of stashed them all into yearly folders and forgot about them. It is a LOT of work, but I’m glad I did it. It’s been on my “to do” list for over 10 years. It was fun (and sometimes hard) looking back through all those years of memories.

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