Photo Project – Part 2
Photo Project – Part 2

Photo Project – Part 2

I have 2,000 non-digital photos from years 1987-2000, stored in 4 photo albums.  I’ve wanted to scan them into the “cloud” for years, and finally started 2 weekends ago.  My last post covered my favorites from PHOTO ALBUM 1.  This post covers my favorites from PHOTO ALBUM 2 and were all taken during 1995 & 1996*, when I was 24 & 25 years old.


245f        245g

245a      245d      245i

245c        245b

245o      manchester ma sunset at singing beach      245e

245m        manchester ma lantern and icicles


woodstock vt tulips        245t

245q       245x       245l


245v        245k



245zb        245za

245y        245z


245p        245r

245zc        245w

  • PHOTO ALBUM 2 covered years 1994-1996, but apparently I don’t have any favorite photos from 1994.
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    1. Nine Dark Moons

      Thanks, D’Arcy! I was an hour late to work because of those ice storm pics. I was still an intern and that was before the days of everyone having a cell phone! I was so worried I was going to get sacked! But I wasn’t and it was so worth it. Ice storms like that don’t happen very often.

  1. Anne

    Your photos are wonderful. So many of them bring back memories for us, too. That ice storm was incredible; long-suffering Petunia at Christmas; a couple of flower shots from Woodstock, Vt., and the shells in the Marblehead bathroom. And then there are those sunsets – spectacular!

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