Front Hall Overhaul – Part 3: Area Rug FAIL

8 days ago I painted the front hall and closet grey:

145d        painting the front entrance hall and closet benjamin moore kendall charcoal

I also got down on my hands and knees and gave the tile floor a good scrub.  Between the new wall color and the freshly scrubbed floor, it was painfully obvious that the old, stained area rug/doormat HAD TO GO:

98h        98i

I replaced it with this cool, swirly doormat from Amazon [Darwin is your floor model this evening]:

147h        darwin sleeping on the new swirly front entrance hall rug

But… it’s too small.  No matter which way it’s turned, it’s just too small.  The front hall is roughly 4½x4½’, and the new doormat is 2×3′.  So… back to the drawing board.  Thankfully, there’s Amazon.  And Amazon has everything you could dream up [except pet dragons].  I did a search for 4×4′ area rugs/doormats and found TONS!  Hubby and I decided on a simple, plain, 4×4′ black one.  We think it will work best with the grey walls, white trim, and green hallway. It’s supposed to arrive a week from today.  Fingers crossed that it’s perfect!

UPDATE 8/20/15:

The new rug we bought was too thick and the door wouldn’t close over it, so we’re back to the adorable swirly rug, and it’s working out just fine.


Next up on the list is crafting a new plywood closet shelf.  Last weekend I bought plywood to replace the old, brittle shelf.  I’ll prime & paint it white.  And, thanks to Jessica & D’Arcy, I also have veneer stripping to iron onto the edge of the plywood to make it purty!  That will be an adventure for later this week or this weekend.  Here’s my new $13 iron [made in China – it’ll be strictly a DIY iron…], my new little wooden roller, and my roll of veneer edging in “birch”:

147j        147k

iron on birch plywood edging veneer        iron on birch plywood edging veneer

Abbie – I read that you can cover the bottom of the iron with foil if you need to cover the holes.  That might work…  I have plenty of junk plywood to fiddle with before attempting to edge the new shelf, so I’ll see what works best.

I also need to touch up the woodwork & trim in the front entrance hall and closet.  I painted the walls “freestyle”, with no tape or drop cloths and there’s definitely some oops’s…  I’m also going to try removing and spray-painting the godawful door swing-arm thing that looks like it’s from a insurance agency door [there’s one in the laundry room, too, which I’ll also paint]:

front entrance hall swing arm        painting the laundry room benjamin moore night flower raspberry

Our condo was, at some point in the not-so-distant past, a place of business for something.  I have no idea what.  But it explains the ugly, grippy “safety” treads on our stairs:

7c        7e

I guess we should be lucky we don’t have neon EXIT signs over each door…

Later this year I will be re-tiling the front hall and closet.  I’m thinking slate tile, something along the lines of these floors from Houzz:


Or I could do something really crazy like this river rock floor from


Or this mini-tile floor from which has a cool cobblestone look:


I’m still in the pondering stages *nods*, but will most likely go with a slate floor with mixed sizing and light grey grout.

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  1. Jessica @CapeofDreams

    All of those floors are nice, but my favorite is the river rock. Why don’t you take the door thingamajig off? I can’t imagine why you need it.

    • You know? That’s one of those things I never even considered… holy crap. I will try that and see if anything catastrophic happens. Thank you, Jessica! Sometimes I feel like such a space cadet.

  2. I love the slate floors but want to warn that a dark floor really darkens up a space even more than dark walls. You’ll probably get a good idea with your new black rug whether that’s the way you want to go. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

    • Good point, Jo! Anything has to be better than plain, tediously boring white squares… the new black rug will cover most of the floor, so it will help us decide the avenue to take with tiles… slate tiles just look so fun to break in straight lines… i watched lots of youtube tutorials and i’m itching to try it. I suppose I could just buy a bunch and break them LOL…

  3. Busy, busy, busy.
    The slate floor should look perfect – I think that’s a really good choice.
    And regarding the iron, my super cheap iron from Target has holes for steam, but you can also turn the steam function off. Does yours do that?

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