Front Entrance Hall:  The ceiling and inside of the closet are Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal.  The walls are Kendall Charcoal lightened by about 50%, which seems to equate to Benjamin Moore Storm:

benjamin moore kendall charcoal        benjamin moore storm

Dining Room & TV Nook:  The dining room walls and the living room TV nook are painted with Lowe’s Olympic Amaretto.  It’s very similar to Benjamin Moore Texas Rose:

olympic amaretto – dining room walls and living room tv nook       benjamin moore texas rose

Living Room:  The living room walls are painted Benjamin Moore Sycamore Tree:

benjamin moore sycamore tree – living room walls

Downstairs & Upstairs Hallways:  The hallways in our condo are painted Benjamin Moore Grasslands:

benjamin moore grasslands – downstairs and upstairs hallway walls

Laundry Room:  The laundry room walls are painted Benjamin Moore Night Flower, as is the living room TV cabinet:

benjamin moore night flower – laundry room walls & living room cupboard

Kitchen & Half Bath:  The walls of the kitchen and downstairs bathroom are painted Lowe’s Olympic Toffee Crunch, which is similar to Benjamin Moore Crestwood Tan:

olympic toffee crunch – kitchen and downstairs bath walls        benjamin moore crestwood tan

The inside of one kitchen cupboard is painted Benjamin Moore Calypso Orange:

benjamin moore calypso orange

Girl Cave:  The girl cave walls are painted Benjamin Moore Violet Mist, the built-in cupboard is painted , Benjamin Moore Amethyst Shadow, and the ceiling is painted Benjamin Moore Galaxy [all 3 are from the same color family]:

benjamin moore violet mist – girl cave walls    benjamin moore amethyst shadow – girl cave built-in cupboard    benjamin moore galaxy – girl cave ceiling

Master Bathroom:  The walls are painted Lowe’s Olympic Jack Frost [which is a dead ringer for Benjamin Moore In Your Eyes]:

olympic frost – master bathroom walls        benjamin moore in your eyes #DBE6E2

And the ceiling is painted Lowe’s Olympic Kaleidoscope:

Master Bedroom:  3 of the 4 walls are painted Benjamin Moore White Dove, and the accent wall is painted:
benjamin moore white dove        lowe's olympic blue smoke - master bedroom accent wall
The master bedroom built-in cupboard is painted Lowe’s Olympic Alpine Valley:
olympic alpine valley
Benjamin Moore Whirlpool [for the master bath to replace the color above – it is the same color family as the girl cave]:

benjamin moore whirlpool – not currently being used

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