2019 Projects

Page last updated 1/20/2021
[1] I refinished a 3-drawer cupboard with high gloss paint:

the newly refinished cupboard looks wonderful! living room rosemary

[2] I built additional shelving for our front hall closet:

the completed shelves I made for our front hall closet

[3] I installed a new dryer tube in the laundry room:

new dryer vent tube

[4] I transferred all our house paint from rusty cans to air-tight mason jars:

i transferred all of our paint from cans to mason ball jars

[5] I replaced the dining room DVD towers with much-needed cube storage:

the new cube storage looks great and holds all our junk

[6] I transferred my DVD collection from their cases into a handy binder which takes up almost no space:

the new binder looks great and stores my dvd collection in one small space

[7] I wall mounted the 2 power strips behind our TV so the TV table isn’t a mess of cords:

the tv table is so much nicer without cords everywhere

[8] I installed magnetic closures on some of our temperamental kitchen cabinets so they’ll stay closed:

the magnetic catch ensures the cabinet door stays closed

[9] I started “de-mousing” our foundation [PART1 & PART2]:

i put up hardware cloth to keep mice away from our foundation         i placed rocks and bricks against the hardware cloth to discourage mice

[10] I removed a yard outlet that shot fire at Jim:

burnt outdoor electrical outlet after it shot flames at jim

[11] I built and installed a frame for our master bathroom mirror:

i supported the mirror frame with heavy objects while the glue dried

        i moved a light fixture from the bedroom to the girl cave

[13] I installed a smart thermostat in the living room:

our new living room lux geo smart thermostat with usb cable

[14] I installed a smart thermostat in the dining room:

[15] I installed a smart thermostat in the bedroom:

[1] I crafted 2 nautical stained glass stars:

stained glass nautical star i made for myself        stained glass nautical star i made for my friend

[2] I had fun with crayons:


[3] I began learning to paint with watercolor pens:

the 4 finished watercolor pen paintings i did through tutorials

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