Building a Large [90-quart] Bin Cage

It became necessary this past Spring to build a large enough bin cage to house a mouse family so the babies could not escape.  More on that in my next post…

I decided on a 90 quart bin which I bought at Target for $11.  This bin cage is a larger version of the 30-quart bin cages I made last December.  I took the bin down cellar and laid it on my workbench:


I marked both sides with a grease pencil so I’d know where to cut the side panels:


My dremel tool makes quick work of plastic:


My utility knife helped separate the cuts so I could pop the side panels out:


For this bin cage I opted for ¼” hardware cloth.  For the smaller bins I’d used ½”, which is probably fine, but DAMN!!!  MICE CAN FIT THROUGH SMALL HOLES!!!

grimacing emoji on black background

I started cutting the hardware cloth with my wire cutters:


But realized my kitchen scissors did a faster job:


¼” hardware cloth is very lightweight.  I drilled holes for zip ties to attach the wire mesh to each side of the bin cage.  After snipping the long tails of the ties I used colorful duct tape to cover the sharp edges:


Zebra print on one side, psychedelic tie-die on the other:


I got it set up with rodent wheels, hamster tubes, & toys:


Then drilled a few more holes to attach a water bottle:




The new inhabitants [more on that in my next post] enjoyed it very much:


They have since been released back into the wild.

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4 thoughts on “Building a Large [90-quart] Bin Cage”

  1. I’ve seen the cage you built for the mice, but had no idea the decor was compliments of duct tape. How easy is that – and what fun!
    Your local mice are lucky! Wonder if the same mice will ‘accidently’ get caught next year!

    • i was letting the mice go in the field beyond our neighbor’s house, but i’m going to start driving them 3 miles away again to make sure i don’t keep catching the same ones! they make duct tape in a bazillion colors and styles now (like GLITTER color!) – it makes it easy to incorporate it into everyday life.


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