Tree Trimming 7/2022
Tree Trimming 7/2022

Tree Trimming 7/2022

Last July I got tired of looking at all the dead branches on the large maple in our driveway.  I bought a 10 foot pole saw on Amazon [#affiliate] and got to work:


I only sawed dead branches I could reach from my small utility ladder:


Very dead branch, successfully removed:


After about an hour I finished with the last part I could reach:


Not by any means perfect, but better:

This is another half-assed project like the front-hall grout repair.  Half-assed projects are all I’ve managed to accomplish over the past 3 years.  The tree is super healthy on the front, and pretty dead on the back.  I don’t know how that happens.  I’ve been very reluctant to call the town’s tree person to take a look because I don’t want them to say “it’s got to come down!”  We get great shade and beauty from it.  It’s angled in a way that if it falls, it’ll fall onto the driveway not the house.  So for now I’ll keep taking my chances.

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