Repairing the Laundry Room Shelf 9/2021

At some point after I moved into the condo [February 2012] & before I started blogging [August 2013], I added shelves to the laundry room:

the laundry room was originally painted green        painting the laundry room benjamin moore night flower raspberry

Which [obviously] was much nicer than storing the laundry stuff on top of the machines [pats self on back].  I remember Jim being happily surprised by how perfectly level they were .

The shelves were great for years.  Even when Darwin would haul his fat ass up onto them.  But in September 2021 the bottom one crash landed onto the washer/dryer.  We weren’t home, I have no idea where we were, but I’m sure Darwin spent a few hours under the bed until he was sure the scary monster was gone!

I  had installed the shelf with anchors, but they gave out.  Some ripped right out of the wall, and some stayed in:


I was impressed with how little damage was done to the wall:


This time I used Molly bolts [which have “legs” that expand outwards like a spider and grip the back of the drywall] & 2 extra shelf brackets:


I purposely added white brackets; I thought they’d look nicer than having all black.  Plus, the white ones are super heavy duty while the black ones are cheap Ikea:

Looking good!:


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