When my father called last January to tell me he had stage 4 pancreatic cancer, my life sort of ground to a halt.  He passed away a month ago today.  The past 8 months have gone by in a haze.  I’m finally starting to get my shit together and get back to living.  Which means going through and cataloging 8 months of photos and finally posting some content!

Here are my Instagram photos from Winter 2021 (Jan/Feb/March 2021):

The fancy goldfish we were taking care of for a friend, and the Mouse Baby [I released him this past Spring and haven’t seen him since – I miss his friendly little face!]:


The Ipswich Riverwalk Bridge covered in snow; our favorite of the 4 fancy goldfish checking out her new tank liner:


One of our zebra nerite snails looking all rainbow colored from our tank lights:

When you don’t have any sliced cheese, use shredded!  My Peeps haul:


Willow checking things out on the couch; Darwin in a box:


Beautiful Valentine’s flowers from hubby; my new RAZER LED mouse:


Birdie & Darwin keeping me company while I work; the bleak [yet still beautiful] winter view out of my home office window:


The Mouse Baby enjoying his flying saucer wheel; Peeps cereal:


Some watercolors I did [from printable templates] last Winter:



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2 thoughts on “WINTER 2021 IN PHOTOS”

  1. Wonderful pictures, as always. Love your artwork and love the cats, but my favorite picture of all from this group is the river walk in the snow. So serene and peaceful!
    Thanks for sharing – as usual, you did an amazing job!


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