Sunrise in Essex, MA on the way to work; fall foliage around Ipswich:



An October turtle rescue:


Ipswich Illuminated 2022:



Visiting my brother in VA:



He has crazy chickens:

Darwin eating my indoor plants even though he knows he’s not supposed to; our front door decked out for fall:


We went from crazy drought conditions all spring/summer/fall last year to crazy flooding in December; view of the river from our living room:


We flew to FL for Christmas, but were there for < 24 hours due to storms rolling in all up & down the east coast.  We got on one of the last flights out, so got home around midnight Christmas Eve.  Darwin enjoying the catnip fish my bro’s family gave him [I had to remove the plastic motor that made it flop around on the floor – Darwin wanted NO part of that]:

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