I’m Working on 4 Things Simultaneously!

First off, the front hall floor is DONE:

grouting the slate tiles in the front entrance hall and closet        cleaning grout haze off the slate tiles in the front entrance hall and closet

I sealed the grout last Thursday after work:

216b        216a

The sealant looked like water, smelled like mint, and was supposed to soak into the grout for 5 minutes but I forgot about it and left it on for 30.  No harm appears to have been done…

I moved the shoe racks and rug back into the hall:

216c        216d

Nothing highlights crappy woodwork and a rusty door like new tile and grout – yay!  I have purchased a tin of Bondo and will be using that to repair the rusted-out spots in our front door.  Which is made of metal.  I also bought metal paint in white and black to touch up the spots after the Bondo dries.  The inside of the door is white [obviously] and the outside is black.  Then I’ll re-paint the woodwork in the front hall and closet, re-paint the walls in a lighter shade of grey, and build a closet shelf and storage cubbies.  However, the only part requiring warm weather [the wet saw part] is done!  So I can sort of coast for a bit.

I’ve also been hard at work on my stained glass spider web.  I have made significant progress:

216e        216f

216g        working on stained glass in the basement workshop cage

216i        216f

216k        216l

My current issue involves those 8 tiny triangles.  They’re supposed to fit into the center.  They did before I copper-foiled all the pieces.  They don’t anymore.  GRRRRRR!  I’m going to have to re-do a few things before Saturday when Abbie is teaching me how to use my new soldering iron 🙂

The 3rd thing I’ve been working on is my 6-panel painting project which I started this past July.  I completed 3 of the 6 panels in July, and have been working towards completing the remaining 3.  So far I have outlined each shape on the 3 empty panels with a Sharpie, traced them onto paper, and marked them on pieces of tin.  Cutting tin is hard!  There’s probably an easier way than using big tin snips, but that’s what I’m using.  Once the pieces are cut out, I’ll paint the 3 canvases, then glue the tin tree shapes onto them.  In theory, all together, it will look like a tree when hung on the wall!  If the tin ends up looking like ass I’ll try a different medium:

216o        216m

216n        216p

216q        216r2

I’ve wanted to work with tin FOREVER so I decided this was a good time to try it out.

The 4th thing I’ve been working on is some behind-the-scenes stuff on this website.  As an example, I’ve updated some of my pages like my ART page, my new TOOLS page, and my FLOOR PLAN page.  Check them out!  Here’s a sneak peak at the updated floor play layouts – notice the slate tile in the front hall *big grin*:

first floor layout of our condo including backyard catio        second floor layout of our condo including the deck

I’ll end this post with some silly pictures from this past weekend when our friend Nat stayed over – we had a bit of wine and decided to use the Halloween cat candy bowl my parents gave me last week as a hat.  It was Nat’s fault.  We had fun 🙂

216s        216t

216v        216u

Oh yeah and today I got my hair cut.  Finally!  First time it’s been professionally cut since last September when I went platinum:

me with blond hair and blue glasses

Because in November I shaved it:

me with a completely shaved head in november 2014!

And now it’s finally grown out enough to go and get a haircut – woohoo!  I’ll post pictures soon.  It pretty much looks like my homepage picture [“boy on the left, girl on the right”].  This is the best I can do for now [yeah, that’s my hand]:


New phone.  Meh.  I will try to get a better shot this weekend!

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  1. I always loved working on multiple projects at once. You seem to be really good at it. The floor looks great! Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

    • I like moving from one to the next, sort of bouncing around based on what I feel like doing. The important part is I usually finish them all. If I bounced around to different projects and never went back to finish older ones I’d drive myself crazy.

  2. Jessica@CapeofDreams

    You’ve been a busy girl. I’ll email you my address so you can send me the spider web when you finish it. You don’t even like spiders. 😉

  3. The finished slate floor is beautiful – totally professional, totally perfect.
    Love the spider web – maybe Abbie knows how to re-size it without having to redo part of it.
    Can’t wait to see the finished 6 panel tree project – it’s beautiful and very dramatic.
    And the hair . . . . finally long enough to cut! And it looks so cute!

    • The other 3 panels [the unpainted ones] are going to be painted like a sunset. I think with the tin cutouts glued over that, it will look really cool next to the 3 really dark panels. Ya, it’s nice to have enough hair for a haircut finally!

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