Maui, Hawaii 2019 – Part 1
Maui, Hawaii 2019 – Part 1

Maui, Hawaii 2019 – Part 1

Last April Jim & I flew to Maui, Hawaii, where [as a total treat!] we were joined by his Dad and his Dad’s wife Susie, and his Auntie Alice.  We had a fabulous time!  And we did an amazing amount of things.  When it’s just us we tend to nap away the days, but the more active & mature generation made sure that didn’t happen 🙂  I took > 1,200 photos and the thought of going through them all has been so daunting that I haven’t had the energy for it until now.

This was our 6th trip to Hawaii.  This was the first time we had a layover in Las Vegas.  The airport was so loud and bright.  I found it offensive, although I did like the colored lights reflected in the super shiny waxed floor:

      i found the airport slot machines obnoxious during our las vegas layover

Our Hawaiian Airlines flight served us POG juice.  I POG juice [Passion/Orange/Guava – sometimes Pinapple/Orange/Guava – both equally delicious].  And I almost forgot how much I love the shaded beaches in Hawaii.  This one is right next to our hotel:

      the beach near our hotel in maui

We stayed at the Pioneer Inn in Lahaina again, like we did 4 years ago.  Turns out we were given [by total chance] the same exact room!  I was in heaven.  The room has great views of the mountains, the ocean, and is right across from Maui’s famous Banyan tree:


After dinner we all enjoyed the sunset from the pier across from the hotel:


The next day we were planning an all-day excursion to Haleakalā volcano, so we headed to bed early [at least Jim & I did; it’s our M.O. after all].  The next morning it was breakfast at the Pioneer Inn and we got to say hello to their resident African Gray parrot, Alex [the waitress had given him a snack] and I got to enjoy a large glass of chilled POG juice – so pretty and SO GOOD:

alex the parrot eating a snack at the pioneer inn, lahaina maui       

As I waited in the hotel’s inner courtyard for everyone to get what they needed for the day trip, I enjoyed some of their many naturally growing orchids:



Stay tuned for Part 2 which is all about our amazing day trip to Kula Botanical Garden & Haleakalā volcano!

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