Year: <span>2019</span>
Year: 2019

Crayon Art – Part 1

This past November I decided to relax by coloring with crayons.  I have been keeping an ear open to the recent trend of adult coloring books, but wanted to make my own designs to color in.  I found a book of thick art paper in the girl cave, grabbed my circle templates [same ones I use for stained glass and art painting], a sharpie, and a ruler and set to work.

A Girl Cave Overhaul

This past May I spent about 6 weeks completely cleaning and overhauling the girl cave.  I removed 2 large trash bags of crap, and moved a bunch of stuff to the basement for storage.  I didn’t take any “before” pictures, because, well, I guess since I wasn’t really in a blogging mood I also wasn’t thinking ahead to “before” pictures.

Stained Glass Nautical Stars

This past August I decided to craft 2 stained glass nautical stars.  I had promised a coworker I’d make her a star, and she really likes nautical stars, so instead of my usual star pattern I found a new one online. I decided to make 2 stars, one for her and one for me.