Darwin Found teh Black Moldz
Darwin Found teh Black Moldz

Darwin Found teh Black Moldz

Today after work I was running around doing chores and unpacking boxes into assorted Christmas gift piles.  While I was walking through the kitchen to the basement I noticed Darwin was perched in front of the fridge, staring intently underneath it.  That means he KNOWS there’s a toy or hair tie under there.  He LOVES hair ties.  They’re his favorite toys ever.  Especially the nasty old ones I find on the ground outside and in parking lots.  The older and gnarlier, the better.  I grabbed the yard stick and fished around underneath.  He knows that means his “friends” will soon be released from their dark prison.  However, I found nothing.

I kept doing chores and heading up and down from the basement to the kitchen and up again to the girl cave.  He kept staring intently under the fridge.  So I was like “OK.  I know by now, from experience, that there’s definitely something under there”.  So I pulled the fridge out from the wall and found ELEVEN hair ties [eleven!]:

Darwin quickly slithered back there and began taking inventory:


He was like “yep, there’s Ruth, and Larry, and George, and oh hai!  Frankie!”:

But while I was back there I noticed the black mold I eradicated back in March 2017 was starting to grow back:


NOTHING like it was back in 2017 – that was NUTS.  The wall was black and furry back then:

when i moved the fridge away from the wall i found a large colony of black mold!

But at least now I knew what to do:  grab the white vinegar, grab the vinegar spray bottle, and go to town.  I sprayed the wall really well and then wiped it down with paper towels.  Mold eradicated 🙂

Meanwhile, in Winston news, I decided after the mold interlude to make him a cardboard box clubhouse.  Ever since Killy died this past September, Winston has been a one-floor-level rat.  The floor of his cage is plenty big for one rat, but he must get bored.  He spends most of the day in his roll-y nest, but maybe now he’ll enjoy some quality time in his box, which I lined with old t-shirts:


After investigating he went right back to his roll-y nest [you can see his head on the far left] but I think he’ll come to love the clubhouse:

And Darwin got a handful of treats for helping mommy find teh moldz 🙂

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    1. Nine Dark Moons

      He’s so funny with them! As I’m writing this reply he’s tossing one into the air and pouncing on it. Sometimes he picks them up in his mouth and runs out of the room with them. 😛

      1. Nine Dark Moons

        PS – there’s probably an equal amount under the stove, washer, & dryer. I can’t even remember how I figured out he likes hair ties. I always have super short hair, so no need for them.

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