Germany 2018 – Part 5
Germany 2018 – Part 5

Germany 2018 – Part 5

The most memorable event from my 6th day in Germany was cake:


Delicious, unbelievable cake.  My brother-in-law bought me TWO PIECES for dinner.  And I ate most of  them.  One was Black Forest and the other was some type of heavenly strawberry and chocolate dream:


I ate the rest for breakfast on Saturday 🙂

On Saturday my brother-in-law harvested some of his psychotically hot peppers from the garden while I was still asleep.  He makes relish type things and puts it on everything he eats, for health.  They are WAY too hot for me!  But they’re very pretty:

After breakfast we drove a couple of hours to Bärenhöhle, which literally translates to Bear Cave.  It’s hidden in the depths of the Swabian Alps.  The cave system formed roughly 5m years ago, and about 20,000 years ago cave bears began using it, as well as cave lions and rhinos [I’ve never heard of a cave rhino!].  There’s a reconstructed cave bear skeleton on display:

When the cave was rediscovered by humans in 1834, many human skeletons were found inside the cave.  It’s believed plague victims were tossed into the cave during the Middle Ages.  Yuk.  The cave has since been cleaned up for viewing.  The natural designs and colors on the walls and ceiling were very cool, made by minerals:


The cave is set up with many colored LED & spot lights to highlight the beautiful stalactites and stalagmites:



There was also some sort of art installation going on while we were there… we saw many bizarre things like these striped balls and the hanging fluffy things in the distance:


My FAVORITE was the disco ball man:


I spent about 5 minutes just watching the different colors cycle over him – here’s a closeup:

As we were getting back into the car I yelled COWS!  because I could see some in a field in the distance.  My awesome brother-in-law drove me down to the field so I could see them up close!  I loved it:


And then he made a detour down a windy road and we came upon a huge herd of goats & sheep!  I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF THAT because he kept tossing apples to them and they were going NUTS:





Sheep are so sweet & goats are so silly:


I even took a video, which I never do, and you can hear me giggling the whole time:

Then we headed to Zweifalten, home of Zweifalten Abbey:



And then to Münsingen where I had black forest cake ICE CREAM – pure heaven:


I will end my German trip posts with some shots of my sister Daniela and her beloved cats.  Here she is with Mietzi:


And Schreierle [pronounced Shrer-lee]:


In the first picture she’s being greeted by Bärli [pronounced Bee-air-lee] & Schreierle.  In the 2nd picture if you look REALLY CLOSELY you can see a little face peeking out of a cat bed on the right upper part of the shed, that’s Katie [pronounced Cat-ee]:


And here is Mietzi again:

Late afternoon sunlight is so beautiful no matter what part of the world you’re in:


Darwin was SO happy when I got home.  For the few days it took me to unpack he used my suitcase as a bed:

I had to make sure to keep my suitcase firmly shut because last time I left it open on the floor Birdie peed in it, all over my clothes.  YUK.

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  1. AnneV

    What a wonderful trip! You visited amazing places and ate lots and lots of to-die-for desserts – yumm!!! I love all the animals – especially the goats, they’re always so cute and so funny! Great visit and great trip!

    1. Nine Dark Moons

      Ya, I don’t know about cave rhinos either… well, just googled it and apparently there were wooly cave rhinos in europe! LOL!!! “The woolly rhinoceros (Coelodonta antiquitatis) is an extinct species of rhinoceros that was common throughout Europe and northern Asia during the Pleistocene epoch and survived the last glacial period.” – Wikipedia.

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