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Nine Dark Moons

Dining Room Cat Platform – Part 2

Last week I built, primed, and painted a cat platform and ramp for the dining room. A few days later I attached them to the dining room windowsill. But after a week of enticing [treats], encouraging [kind words], tough love [dropping on ramp and saying “up up up!”], I realized the cats [particularly Bonkers] were never going to use the ramp.

DIY Spice Rack – Part 2

4 days ago I built a DIY spice rack with some trim wood I bought at our local hardware store. 3 days ago I primed it. Yesterday I painted it, and today it is DONE! It’s my birthday today [43!], so I decided I’d wait until today to hang it up, as a birthday gift to myself 🙂

DIY Spice Rack – Part 1

Today, after a 3 week break from even thinking about DIY [due to traveling for the holidays, a wedding vow renewal on the beach 2 days after Christmas, and friends over for New Years], I decided it was time to get back into it. I’m starting by making my long overdue DIY Spice Rack!

Panama Canal Cruise 2013 – Part 2

Last week I discussed life aboard the cruise ship and our first stop in Cartagena, Colombia. The next morning we woke up docked in Colon, Panama. We had 10 hours of shore leave, and Jim and I had chosen a ship-recommended excursion that took us on a lazy boat ride through a tributary of Gatun Lake to see monkeys and other wildlife.

Holiday Spirit

Christmas never feels right until the tree is up and decorated. 4 years ago I bought a fake tree at Target on super sale – apparently no one wanted it. But I knew it was perfect the first time I saw it – it’s got pinecones and little red berries on twigs, and fake snow – it’s awesome! It’s tall and narrow, and sort of hard to decorate since the branches are all munched close together. But it’s my tree and I love it.