Girl Cave Ceiling – Part 1

At the end of October I started painting the girl cave ceiling, but didn’t get very far due to vertigo issues I’ve suffered from since May.  I’m painting it Benjamin Moore Galaxy – a beautiful, rich, dark purple:

benjamin moore galaxy – girl cave ceiling

I think it will look so cool once it’s painted and covered with tiny LED lights.  I know it’s not typical to paint a ceiling, let alone paint it dark, but my girl cave is, well, my GIRL CAVE.  And my art studio.  And I can decorate it however I please 🙂  I’ve always wanted a starry night ceiling, and now that I’m finally not renting anymore, I can actually do it!  I just finished edging it yesterday.  I am a slow DIY’er.  But that doesn’t bother me.  I am not in a hurry, and would rather take my time, learning as I go.  Plus I work full time, have an HGTV addiction that needs feeding, and a huge stack of Kindle books to get lost in.  Having vertigo issues since last May has also made it tricky to spend much time up on a ladder.  But I felt very accomplished last night when I put the 2nd coat of Galaxy on the final stretch of edging.

painting girl cave ceiling benjamin moore galaxy        painting girl cave ceiling benjamin moore galaxy

11c        11d

11e        11f

Next up is getting out the paint roller, covering my stuff with plastic, covering the floor with contractor’s paper, and making a huge mess as I paint the majority of the ceiling – hooray!

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2 thoughts on “Girl Cave Ceiling – Part 1”

  1. You are so incredibly talented ….. as a writer (awesome); as a decorator (ditto), and as a DYI in training (with mega pro instincts).
    We both love your blog – and love what you’re doing to your girl cave and what you plan to do in the living room – white will look great on the built ins.

    For the ceiling project, along with lining the floor with contractor’s paper, I would also suggest buying a shower cap at CVS and wearing industrial goggles.
    omg – what a project.


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