Holiday Spirit
Holiday Spirit

Holiday Spirit


MERRY CHRISTMA S!!!Christmas never feels right until the tree is up and decorated. 4 years ago I bought a fake tree at Target on super sale – apparently no one wanted it.  But I knew it was perfect the first time I saw it – it’s got pinecones and little red berries on twigs, and fake snow – it’s awesome!  It’s tall and narrow, and sort of hard to decorate since the branches are all munched close together.  But it’s my tree and I love it.  It’s been up for a week, with just lights, but today I put the ornaments on.  Here is our beautiful tree, and some pics of my favorite ornaments – especially the “is it a deer? a dog? a camel? a llama? – what the hell is that?” ornament that my aunt Susan and uncle Les gave me a few years ago 🙂

14a        14b        14c

14d        14e

14f        14g

14h        14i

christmas tree ornaments        christmas tree ornaments        14l

The Russian mouse is another favorite – it was my first ornament – picked from the trash of our house when I was about 12, after my mother decided she didn’t like it.  I think she’s had a change of heart since then, and really likes it now.  And the tree wouldn’t feel complete without the amoeba dressed up for Christmas, and the other plush microbes on the tree.  And my husbands string zombies.

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