Stained Glass Stars – Part 4
Stained Glass Stars – Part 4

Stained Glass Stars – Part 4

I made 9 more stained glass stars 🙂  Now I’ve made 17!  I can’t show pictures of them all yet, because some are gifts.  But I’m making a bunch for Jim and I as well!  Such as this large “bubble wrap glass” star:

233k        233j

This dusty purple star:

233h        233i

This raspberry star:

233m        233l

And this small green star:

233n        233o

Hope everyone is enjoying December!

UPDATE 1/15/2016:

One of the stars I made was this 6 pointed star for Jim’s Auntie Alice:

blue 6 pointed stained glass star of david for auntie alice

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      Thanks, Jessica! It’s a LOT of trial & error! I broke my page about 20 times trying to get the new code to work! I had to login via the GoDaddy/FTP side of things to fix it back. Many tense moments for sure.

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