Caulk and Cat Butts

Not something you usually see in the same sentence, but my weekend was all about caulk and cat butts.  Yesterday poor Bonkers had his butt shaved to remove gobs of greasy mats.  The vet said she’d never met such a greasy cat.  Like seriously:  no matter how much we brush him, he gets mini dreadlocks on his belly and big, greasy mats on his back and sides.  And now his furry little muppet butt is shaved:


It’s hard to tell from the picture.  But his butt and legs used to be 100% fluff.

And this past weekend I caulked for the FIRST TIME EVER!  It’s another DIY milestone.  Now I realize why everyone always says it’s easy!  I caulked the outside of our 7 non-replacement-window storm window frames.  At first I got up on the ladder to caulk the bedroom window frame on the back of the house:

233b        233c

I used DAP Window, Door, and Trim Sealant:


I glopped it on, and smoothed it out with my fingers:

233e        233d

Then I moved around to the driveway side of the house to do the 4 windows over there [dining room and girl cave]:


But realized I could just as easily caulk the edges of the storm window frames from inside… duh.  I did the 2 lower windows from the outside, and did the 2 upper ones from the inside.  Then remembered I still hadn’t done the living room window below the bedroom window on the back side of the house, so I ran back around and did that one, too.

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8 thoughts on “Caulk and Cat Butts”

  1. Love the stars especially the clear, textured ones — they’re so sparkly. And caulking — I usually leave that to someone who has greater patience than I. And poor matted kitty — it’s good he can’t see himself in the mirror. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

    • Jo your comment made me LOL! “it’s good he can’t see himself in the mirror” – that is SO true! HA HA HA! And thanks 🙂 If you’d like a clear textured star, I’d love to make & send you one! They are very easy to make!!!

    • If you’d like a purple star, I’d love to make and send you one! They’re very easy to make!!! I am star crazy. I can’t keep making them – hubby is like “enough already!” but I’m not done yet 🙂 And Bonkers is doing better – it seems that with the mats gone, he has more range of movement – he’s been racing around the house like a kitten!

    • I don’t know – Jim always says it’s like whoever put him together used all the leftover, discarded cat parts from the normal cat assembly line! He’s just a total mess. But a lovable mess 🙂

  2. Sorry to say it, but poor Bonkers is a wall-to-wall disaster. He’s not a bad cat at all, but ……
    Your stars are spectacular –
    And last, because it’s my job to warn you, be careful on those ladders!

    • Yes, Bonkers is our “special needs” cat! He’s a mess. But he’s awesome and silly and every night he sits on my chest in bed while I read, and I pat him and he drools and purrs 🙂 That’s the best part of having cats!


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