A Visit to the Bro

my brother laughing at his chickens eating bananas

In late October I flew down to VA and spent 2 days with my brother Seth, his wife, and their 2 girls.  Their 2 older boys are both in college and I will have to wait until Christmas to see them.

A New Theme & A New Photo!

my new website profile photo with my razer kraken kitty edition LED headset

It was time to update my site.  It’s been pretty much inactive since 2020.  I uploaded a new theme today [“Bravada” by Cryout Creations, my favorite (free!) Wordpress theme company].  And finally uploaded a new photo of myself. 

Tower Hill Botanical Garden October 2021

beautiful sunset at Tower Hill Botanical Garden

This Halloween I spent the night in the hospital doing a sleep study.  Entertaining, yet boring.  LAST Halloween [aka 2021] we spent our Halloween night at New England Botanic Garden at Tower Hill in Boylston, MA.  I associate “Boylston” with Boston so much that I had no idea there was an actual Boylston, MA.