Backyard Catio – Part 21

I spent the summer of 2015 building a catio [outdoor cat enclosure] for our cats:

bonkers enjoying the outdoor cat enclosure / catio        luan slats to cover staples completed for outdoor cat enclosure / catio

It connects by tunnel to a cat door in the dining room window:

finalizing the connector and outdoor cat enclosure / catio construction        darwin testing out the outdoor cat enclosure / catio cat door and connector

I thought I was being thorough by covering the chicken wire seams with strips of luan plywood for a more finished look:

staining luan slats for the outdoor cat enclosure / catio to cover the staples        outdoor cat enclosure / catio when the luan slats were screwed on

But last Fall I noticed the luan was looking a little worse for the wear.  The top layer was peeling off, it was warping in places, and was starting to turn colors due to some type of mildew growth.  Last weekend when I was getting the yard ready for Spring I noticed the luan was looking pitiful:



The connector tunnel is faring a little better, but not much:

So I used the drill to remove the screws holding it in place [which were purely decorative – the luan strips were nailed to the catio frame with about 1,000 nails].  Then used my hands and a hammer claw to pry the luan off & pull all the nails out:

Underneath I found many web/caccoon things, and lots & lots of moisture:


The catio looks fine without the strips, so I will not be replacing them:


I am currently debating options for the catio.  Should I re-stain it?  Should I replace the chicken wire with square mesh welded wire?  Many catios seem to use that type of wire:





From Brit+Co:

I love looking at other catios for ideas & inspiration.  Although I usually get envious of the yard space many people have!  I’d love to build a catio with a tree inside and lots of ramps & ledges!

I need to ponder options for my catio for another few weeks and then decide whether I’ll do anything further to it this summer or not.

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8 thoughts on “Backyard Catio – Part 21”

    • Too late! I already ripped off all the chicken wire today 😀 And ordered new welded metal wire for the catio. You should TOTALLY build a catio!!! Your kittehs would love it!

  1. Yours is perfect as is. And even though some people have amazing yards, not too many have gorgeous river views with really interesting animal and bird life right in back of their house – i.e., otters, beavers, ducks, etc. etc.

      • A huge catio could easily be built by screening in the entire area underneath your deck. However, the catio you already have is beautiful and it’s more than enough room for the ‘boys.’

        • We could also screen in our deck, which would rock, but would probably require another 2 years worth of permits.

  2. Love the catio examples. We will definitely do the Seattle Catio Tour this June. I would use the square mesh if I were building from scratch, but if your chicken wire is working, why take the trouble to replace it?

    • I can’t wait to see pictures of the catio tour! I’m so envious 🙂 I have a hard time leaving things alone… I’m trying to be content with the chicken wire.


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