The Keeper of the Hole

Lately I feel like the Keeper of the Hole.  Last week I wrote about the drought and how the fish ladder has dried up, and also how I removed some rocks from the entrance to the storm drain below our house [aka “the Hole”]:

rocks blocking the entrance to the storm drainage system below our yard        i removed the rocks blocking the entrance to the storm drainage system below our yard

Well, today it was even worse!  I have no idea how this happens, but today the hole was blocked by more rocks and some huge branches/trunks:

293a        293b

So I jumped down and 10 minutes later had the majority cleared, at least enough for the turtles, beavers, otters, raccoons, and whatever else to get through:


Much better!  So I have christened myself “the Keeper of the Hole”.

And in case you’re curious what it looks like in the hole [I totally was]:


Spooky!  I kinda want to crawl in, but I’m way too big.  I often wish I could shrink myself down to Barbie size and accompany hubby on his runs [tucked into his chest pocket, you know, just for kicks and because I’m too lazy to run myself], and now I wish I could shrink down to otter size and race up the tunnel with my ninja night vision.  Next life *nods*.

In case you missed my Facebook and Instagram, we had 2 raccoon pups visit our living room bird feeder last night:

293h        293f

293g        293e

They were ridiculously cute, and seemed to have no fear of humans, which is kinda bad… At one point I grabbed a paper towel and tried to wipe the cat-nose marks off the inside of the window [because bird feeder] and the pup at the feeder moved his head back and forth watching the paper towel – it was hilarious!  At one point I thought they were both gone, and I saw the tree beneath our yard wall shaking, so I figured they were climbing up.  I crept out the back door and looked over the wall in time to see one drop back down into the dell.  Meanwhile, I realized the other one was back at the feeder.  I talked “baby talk” to him and he slowly crept closer – no fear!

293i        293j

He was literally 2 feet from me, so I went back inside.  I didn’t want to encourage him, even though I totally wanted to pat him, pick him up, and snuggle him!

I do have some DIY planned [finally] for this coming holiday weekend.  Sorry it’s been so long.  I’ve been totally distracted by herons, turtles, & otters.  And the hole.

Here are 2 pics I took after work today of a snapper in the River & our first hibiscus flower of the season [I have like 12 hibiscus plants, but so far none have flowered – they spent most of the winter flowering [inside of course!] so they’ve apparently been on hiatus]:

293k        293l

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8 thoughts on “The Keeper of the Hole”

  1. Raccoons are cute yes but don’t be fooled by the little guys. They are WILD animals and if you get bitten or scratched by one there is always the possibility of rabies. Unless they find, capture and test the animal that bites you WILL get the rabi shots…not fun, I hear. Stay safe, Dad

  2. I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the turtle and otter stories, but I haven’t been able to post a comment on anyone’s blog for several days. (I hope this one goes through!) I think the hole is creepy, but it’s so clever of the animals to use it to get around town–their own underground! I think your husband would look funny running with a Barbie in his pocket. 🙂

    • Weird! I hate when stuff like that happens for no obvious reason! I finally gave up trying to get my “like” button to work – apparently it won’t anymore, on my site, with my new theme and plugins. Meh. I’m glad you liked the animal stories! It’s been quite a summer for animal watching. He already looks funny when he jogs [neon colors for safety, 70’s style headband, bright sneakers, etc.] so he wouldn’t look much funnier with a Barbie, but yes, a little LOL!!!

  3. Alison, those raccoons are absolutely adorable, but if you ever wonder why they never became household pets – they haven’t because, although cute and really adorable, they’re totally vicious – their teeth and claws can do a number on you.
    Think of a really angry cat (like trying to put one into the cat carrier for a trip to the vet) and how strong and scary they can be. Raccoons are like an angry cat on steroids!


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