Drains Я Disgusting!
Drains Я Disgusting!

Drains Я Disgusting!

As everyone knows, drains are prone to clogging.  When I first moved into the condo in 2012 the shower drain wasn’t draining very well so I unscrewed the drain cap and [wearing 2 pairs of latex gloves] pulled out a hair ball 8 inches long and 2 inches thick.  It was SO DISGUSTING [especially since I had no idea who’s hair I was pulling out!  GAG].  I don’t think it had been cleaned in years FULL BODY SHUDDER.  Since then I’ve tried to clean the sink drains & shower drain every year, but I usually forget until one of them starts backing up.

Last week my sink started draining slowly:

316a        316b

On Thanksgiving morning [I did all my cooking Wednesday afternoon & didn’t have to leave the house till 1:30] I removed the items from the sink surround then used pliers to pry up the stoppers in both sinks:

316c        316d

Underneath the stoppers mine was NASTY – hubby’s wasn’t so bad:

316e        316f

I used the foot-long tweezers [#affiliate] I bought from Amazon in 2014 to gently pull as much of the gunk as I could out of my drain, scooped it out of the sink with toilet paper, then scrubbed both sinks and drains with an old scrubber sponge.  Huge improvement:

316g        316h

Thankfully there wasn’t any gunk down inside the drain like I’ve faced in past years.  I took both stoppers down to the kitchen & soaked them in a mug of boiling hot water with a dab of bleach added:


Then moved on to the tub.  The tub/shower has been draining fine, but I wanted to check it anyway.  I unscrewed the cap and used the tweezers to pull what I could out.  SO GROSS:

using huge tweezers to pull hair out of the shower drain        the disgusting clumps of rotting hair i pulled out of the shower drain

At this point Darwin couldn’t stand it anymore [he loves anything to do with drains and water]:

316k        316l

While he investigated, I ran down to the kitchen and added the shower drain cap screw to the mug of bleachy water.  I gave the mug a stir and, yeah, gross:

316n        316o

After soaking for about 30 minutes all 3 items were sparkling like new:


And my sink was draining perfectly:



Now that you’ve suffered through some nasty photos, I’ll add some random nice ones from the past few weeks.  The adorable new toilet brushes [#affiliate] I bought for the bathrooms:

316r        316s

Darwin [left] & Birdie chilling together:


Our either very fat or very pregnant “sherbet fish”:


The metal shelving unit I set up in the dining room as an impromptu plant stand, and the beautiful double hibiscus that bloomed in the bedroom last week:

316v       316w

The crapload of stuff we donated to charity 2 weeks ago – we both cleaned out our closets in a rather massive way [ps – I did not donate a disco ball, just the box]:

316x        316y

The new Pottery Barn clubhouse Bonkers has moved into this past week, after the new laundry basket I ordered arrived:

316z        316za

Sunset in Magnolia, MA while on a walk with my friend Martha:


The blue king-sized sheet we bought to put on the bed while we’re at work to collect all the fur Bonkers donates while he sleeps – the black marks are paint I dabbed on to mark the top so I wouldn’t place it fur-side down on the bed:


Our neighbor’s cats Apple [left] and Anzel – I fed them last night while our neighbors were away for Thanksgiving.  Last year Anzel hid in the closet and refused to come out, but this year he rubbed his face on his basket and purred like a mad man while I patted him [and yes, Apple is a very large girl]:

316zd        316ze

3 of Abbie’s 10 chickens taking a dirt bath – we went to her house for a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration and the chickens made me giggle like they usually do:


I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday!

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  1. Anne

    What an ambitious (and yucky) project to tackle over Thanksgiving weekend. I need to do the same thing with our drains, but it’s such an easy one to postpone.
    You bought wonderful toilet brushes – so cute!. Your flowers are gorgeous, and your cats are fascinating, as always.

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