Laundry Room – Part 1
Laundry Room – Part 1

Laundry Room – Part 1

I am painting the laundry room raspberry!  Up until now it’s been the same green as our hallways.  I wanted to give it some distinction.  I’m using Benjamin Moore Night Flower, which looks good enough to eat:

33a        benjamin moore night flower – laundry room walls & living room cupboard

I primed 2 sections of wall Sunday with Benjamin Moore’s Fresh Start primer [AFTER spending 5 hours mapping our electrical box – thankfully I wake up most Sundays pumped and ready to go, since I spend most Saturdays horizontal on the couch, under a puff, with my kittehs, catching up on HGTV].  Then rolled 3 coats of Night Flower on top.  I extended the color onto the green wall to see how different it would look over green vs. over the white primer.  The color appears to look the same, which makes my life a whole lot easier!  Here’s my 2 test spots [one near the window so I could see it in natural light]:

33b        33c

I LOVE it!   I originally wanted to paint the room a beautiful, deep, soft grey like Benjamin Moore’s Kendall Charcoal:

benjamin moore kendall charcoal

But hubby thought it would look too “black and white” next to the other rooms which all have color on the walls.  That’s when I decided raspberry was the way to go nods.  Our washer and dryer are dark grey, and nothing goes better with dark grey than raspberry!  And the right shade of raspberry [not too red, not too pink] will also complement our other wall colors.  HA!  Easiest paint decision yet.  I might have to find a way to work Kendall Charcoal into the house, though…  it’s such a beautiful color!

After watching me paint the huge patch of raspberry on the wall [“um, are color tests usually that large?”], my amazing hubby has agreed [with some deep, calming breaths] to let me paint the whole laundry room this color.  At which point we’ll step back and see how much we love it [or hate it…].  I’ve assured him we can paint over it with something more neutral [cough Kendall Charcoal cough] if either of us don’t like it…  But the laundry room isn’t very big [roughly 6′ x 8′], and I think the Night Flower will bring a nice pop of color to our first floor.

UPDATE 7/9/2018:

I ended up using Kendall Charcoal on our front entrance hall and I LOVE IT.  I originally painted the walls with it but it looked too dark.  So I lightened it by adding white and repainted the walls.  But the closet remains Kendall Charcoal, and the ceiling is now also Kendall Charcoal:

painting the front entrance hall and closet benjamin moore kendall charcoal        painting the ceiling in the front hall kendall charcoal

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