Upstairs Cat Platforms – Part 3
Upstairs Cat Platforms – Part 3

Upstairs Cat Platforms – Part 3

Over the weekend I was able to finish the upstairs hall cat platform!  About 10 seconds after I finished with the last bracket, Darwin came up the stairs [how do they always know when to show up?] and was instantly intrigued by what he saw:

29a        29b

After using the steps to get up [*impressed*], and after a quick glance out the window, he thoroughly investigated the new platform, then returned to the windowsill for some quality bird watching.  It was so mild out yesterday [50 degrees!] that I opened the window and let him enjoy the nice breezes & smells coming in through the screen.  A real treat amidst this frigid and crazy winter!

29c        29d

29e        29f

After cleaning up the huge mess I’d made, I grabbed Bonkers [who was sprawled on the dining room cat platform] and placed him on the new platform next to Darwin.  Darwin was NOT amused.  He jumped down right after I took the 2nd picture, which allowed Bonkers some quality window time.  And – much to my amazement – Bonkers got down all by himself, using the access steps.  I was SO proud! *tear*

29g        29h

A little later on, I came back upstairs and found Darwin enjoying a nap on the new platform!  You can tell by his ears he wasn’t amused to be woken up – Darwin spends half his life being unamused by something!


The only things left to do will be to paint the black bracket white, and paint the wall where I spackled the extra holes.


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