The Great Basement Clean of 2014
The Great Basement Clean of 2014

The Great Basement Clean of 2014

Last time I cleaned our basement cage was summer 2012, and it looked like this:

24a        24b

Nice and tidy.  Somehow between summer 2012 and February 2014 this happened:

24c        24d

24e       black and white omg

So I spent 4 hours yesterday moving pretty much everything out of the cage, vacuuming the space with my new shop vac, and laying down our old living room rug for a nice, homey feel [I realize the basement could flood and ruin the rug, but hopefully we’d have enough time to move it – and a few other things – to higher ground before the water reached our cage]. Then I moved everything† back in, with a new layout:

24f        24g

The biggest change I made was moving the 2 wooden IKEA shelving units from the left wall of the cage to the back, so I could free up room under the light for my workbench. Now I just need to build me a workbench!  For now our old coffee table is a place holder.

My Shop-Vac has been a great little purchase – it sucked up tons of dust and some small debris from the basement cage floor, and sucked up a ton of cobwebs from the rafters.  Don’t ask me why it took me 6 months to actually open the box and use it… I have no good answer.

new yellow shop vac

† I actually didn’t move everything back in – I weeded out a lot of stuff, which will go either out on our curb this spring [we have an awesome curb – every time we put something out it’s usually gone before we’re even back inside‡], or we’ll sell it on Craigslist.  You can see some of it through the mesh cage wall in the pic on the right.  Hooray for [early] spring cleaning!

‡ Last summer we put out a set of 4 IKEA chairs and as I set the last one down, a man in a station wagon came screeching to a halt, kicked his son out of the car, told him to walk the rest of the way home, and loaded the chairs in.  LOL!!!

UPDATE 7/11/2018:

There was another Great Basement Clean in 2015:

new black whitmore wire shelving in basement workshop        alternate storage area in basement

And another in 2018:

the basement is so nice after a thorough cleaning        i cleaned off shelving for the 3rd condo's new tenant sarah

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