Recessed Lighting – Part 2

Recessed Lighting – Part 2

So… yesterday afternoon, to distract myself from the train wreck of the girl cave bookcase and ceiling lights, I grabbed one of the recessed lighting trim pieces from the living room, brought it down to the basement, and spray-painted it white.  It took 2 coats to cover the black.  Once it dried, I popped it back into the living room ceiling.  And… It’s too white. *SIGH*:

23b        23c

It’s a much “whiter white” than the ceiling white.  It does look a lot better than the black trim, but I’ll need to get a more off-white spray paint before I can continue.  Small set back.  Somewhat disappointing.  One good thing about the white trim is that when the lights are on it looks white and not yellow like the black trim does.  Please ignore the filthy ceiling fan – we’re replacing it soon.

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