Girl Cave Drywall Crack – Part 1
Girl Cave Drywall Crack – Part 1

Girl Cave Drywall Crack – Part 1

There is a crack in the drywall at the peak of the 15′ girl cave ceiling.  It’s not actually a crack, it’s just the drywall tape separating from the ceiling:

3a        3b

My first attempt at repairing it involved a drywall patch kit I got at Home Depot.  The patch kit contained thin metal plates with drywall tape stuck on the front and adhesive on the back.  They might work well for a hole punched in the drywall, but when I pressed them against the ceiling, they stuck for about 30 minutes before cascading to the floor.  Even as I was putting them up, I realized it wasn’t the solution I was looking for.  I definitely need drywall tape to lay across the old tape and seal it back to the ceiling.  What I need is something like this:


After work I’m heading to Home Depot to get the tape I need.  Then it’ll be back up the ladder for me, to seal the crack with the new tape, cover it in mud [a.k.a. joint compound], sand it, and paint it.

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