Meet The New Rats!

In late April we adopted 2 baby boy rats. We named them Winston and Killy [short for Kīlauea]:

baby winston enjoying some snacks       

Winston is a white dumbo rat with gray markings that make him look like a little old man.  Killy is light grey with darker grey spots that make it look like he’s been rained on [same pattern as our gone-but-never-forgotten girl Clarabell].

They are so busy that it’s nearly impossible to get photos of them.   So even though we’ve had them for exactly 2 months as of today, we hardly have any photos.  I’ve taken a ton but they all come out blurry.  Here’s all I’ve got so far:


I took them outside once, to the garden, because Franc used to love that, but I decided it was too hard to watch 2 at once and make sure they don’t get hurt.  So I bought a little harness made for rats and I’m excited to try it this weekend with one, then the other 🙂


They started out in a little hampster cage, then moved into a bigger but still small travel cage which I wrapped in screening to keep them from escaping.  And for the past 2 weeks they’ve been enjoying life inside the BIG HOUSE – the 6 foot tall rat cage in the corner of our living room:

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4 thoughts on “Meet The New Rats!”

    • Yes, they love it! But they are so weird. They have no interest in the running wheel, and they don’t like living inside cardboard boxes. They are the strangest rats we’ve ever had!


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