Tall Bookcase – Part 3
Tall Bookcase – Part 3

Tall Bookcase – Part 3

As of March 6, last time I posted about the bookcase, I’d gotten one side of the shelves done [which took 6 coats of paint], and had started on the bookcase body.  A week later the shelves are done [6 coats on each side] but I’m still plodding away on the body.  One outer side, one inner side, and the underside of the top and the permanent shelf are done.  Here are progress shots from March 7th:


A few more coats & a few days later I flipped the bookcase on it’s back.  As of this morning I’ve gotten 5 coats on the back & front edges.  I also finished the top of the bookcase, which didn’t need to be done since no one will ever see it, but it’s facing me each time I walk by the girl cave so I had to paint it, obviously:


I like the orbs in the 2nd picture.  I <3 orbs.  Perhaps that’s Nibbler & Clarabell visiting us.  You can see the 5 finished shelves in the background.  I did them first so they’d have the most time to dry before putting them back into the bookcase.

I had a slight mishap while I was carrying 2 of them up to the girl cave from the basement Sunday morning.  I was trying to be super stealthy & quiet because hubby was still sleeping.  So of course my slipper caught the 2nd to last step and I went down hard, along with both shelves, in a super loud crash on the upper landing.  Hubby leaped out of bed and ran into the hallway to see if I was OK [terrible way to wake up!].  Poor Darwin thought the end of the world was upon us and raced up the stairs wide eyed and panicked, bolted into the bedroom, and tried to squish himself under the bed.

I somehow managed to scratch all 4 sides of one shelf, and gouge the side of the 2nd shelf:



I also sliced my 2nd toe on the bottom, right where it connect to my foot – ouch [my toenails are in dire need of some TLC, so please ignore them.  I blame winter].  This is the same foot where I broke or sprained my baby toe 6 weeks ago *sigh*.  Thankfully that toe came out of this unscathed:

Our stairs have griptape-like metal strips on them which can be quite treacherous.  You can see where the shelf hit:

Asides from that disaster, I am making steady progress.  The high gloss paint takes about a day to dry, so I’m pretty much only able to do one coat a day, which kind of sucks.  Sometimes I sneak in 2.  Like today.  Today I’m home from work [hubby too] due to the blizzard, so I put one coat on at 8am and I’ll put another one on before dinner, then flip it on it’s other side.  Then I’ll just be 6 coats away from finished – woohoo!

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    1. Nine Dark Moons

      A matching pedi… there’s an idea! That would be cool for the final pics 🙂
      Franc is doing muuuuuuuuch better! Thanks for asking. The swelling is almost totally gone, and the littler f*cker has his strength back – he braces all 4 feet against my hand with the medicine and pushes so I keep missing his mouth. HA! But I always win in the end. He needs to swallow it to continue getting better.

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