AC Cabinets – Part 2
AC Cabinets – Part 2

AC Cabinets – Part 2

One of the things on my 2017 Projects list is to build boxes to enclose & cover our in-wall AC units.  I am basing them off this awesome design from Vintage Meets Glam:

vintagemeetsglam diy'd ac cabinets using michaels laser cut wooden panels        vintagemeetsglam diy'd ac cabinets using michaels laser cut wooden panels

She got her door panels at Michaels & I was lucky enough to find the same ones.  I bought 8 even though I only need 6 – it can’t hurt to have a couple of extras.  I have no idea if Michaels always carries them or not.  I felt very lucky to find them at my local store!  During our warm spell in February I got 4 painted on one side, with off-white spray paint:


However, since then I’ve decided the boxes will look much better painted to match the walls, which means I’ll need to paint the door panels green [living room], violet [girl cave], and white [bedroom].  I can’t do much until it warms up again [I need to spraypaint outside], so for now the doors are on the back burner.  But I did finish the 3 boxes this weekend.  As you may know from reading my last post I forgot to take the width of the wood into account when measuring for the boxes, so I had to add 1½” extensions to each side panel.  I had pre-painted the wood for each box, but didn’t bother with the extensions pieces – I just wanted the boxes built!  So after putting them together I brought them down to the basement cage and used my orbital sander to blend the edges of each extension panel, then primed & painted the extensions.  Thankfully you can’t really notice the extensions now that the boxes are uniformly painted.  Here are some progress pics:




I let all 3 air dry for 2 days resting up on painters triangles [#affiliate].  Today after work I decided to hang them on the wall, mostly to make sure they fit [!!!] but also to see how they look.  I love them!  They look so good and the doors aren’t even on yet.  They easily slide onto the metal support box surrounding each AC, so I didn’t have to bolt them to the wall.  I will once the doors are on.

Girl Cave:


Master Bedroom:


Living Room:


Once the doors are on they’re going to look soooooooooo much better than the ugly ACs!  If I can’t find spray paint that’s a close match to our living room & girl cave wall colors I might need to buy a cheap paint sprayer.

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    1. Nine Dark Moons

      OMG! Jolie, I feel so honored that you commented on my post! I have been so excited to make progress on the awesome AC covers you inspired! I actually made one set of doors today. I look fwd to stapling on the laser-cut wood panels & attaching them to the first AC box frame! *star struck*

    1. Nine Dark Moons

      I agree – I’m going to put a liner on the inside of the doors just to make sure no drafts can come through. Just haven’t decided on what to use as a liner yet.

    1. Nine Dark Moons

      Thanks! I don’t know where my energy comes from. I just have a hard time sitting still. Always need a project to do, like Dad. But it takes a toll. At this point – after fixing the mold problem in the kitchen, painting the tall bookcase, building the AC boxes, making a cat bed for Bonkers, & fixing the bathroom ceiling fan, I’m physically & mentally exhausted. So I will be taking a short break from projects.

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