Cats in the Alcove – Part 8
Cats in the Alcove – Part 8

Cats in the Alcove – Part 8


As of my last cats in the alcove post, I had added a 2nd shelf near the cat tree [the one with the black brackets]:


We’d had to move the cat tree away from the TV platform because Bonkers had been jumping from the tree to the TV platform to Birdie’s platforms:

122i        bonkers on the downstairs hall cat platforms

Not good!

So anyways, getting back to today, I have now added one more mini shelf to Birdie’s collection of platforms [she now has 13 [OMG] downstairs and 3 more upstairs, not including the 2 in the dining room that she doesn’t use]:


This new platform will bridge the gap between the platform above the living room wine rack and the platform in the doorway between the living room and hallway:

living room cat platform fail        living room cat platform fail

I bolted it to the wall with 3 L-brackets:


She hasn’t used it yet, but I have hope.

MONDAY 4/20:

This morning Jim told me he has twice seen Birdie purposefully avoid the new mini platform.  She has jumped over/around it.  He pretty much said “it’s in the way – you should remove it”.  MEH!  So after work today I took it down:


You probably already know how to get anchors out of the wall, but in case you don’t, it’s super easy.  You just screw a screw into the anchor:

living room cat platform fail

Then use a hammer claw to gently pry the whole thing from the wall:

153g        153h

After the anchors were out I Spackled the holes:



After work today I washed down the wall to remove the extra Spackle and then touched up the paint. You can hardly tell a shelf was there:


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    1. Nine Dark Moons

      HA! They bugged me every time I walked by, so I had to do something. Hubby thinks I’m nuts. He would have voted for leaving them alone for months before patching them 🙂

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