My First 5k!

Today I ran my first 5k!  And by ran I mean walked 🙂 I am many things, but “runner” is not one of them!  Hubby usually runs in a few 5k charity runs each summer, and this year he was like “why don’t we do it together?  I’ll run, you can walk”.  I had never even considered walking a 5k.  I always assumed the people I’d see walking were people that were running/walking through it.  But there were probably 100 walkers in today’s race.  It was great!  And I didn’t finish last.  Not even close to last.  I had a time of 51:30, hubby had a time of 33:59.  Woohoo!!!

47a        me and jim at the nate bibaud 5k in newburyport

47c        me and jim after completing the nate bibaud 5k in newburyport

The “Nate Bibaud 5k” is an annual event to raise money for Nate Bibaud’s ongoing therapy costs due to a spinal cord injury he suffered in 2010 that left him paralyzed from the chest down.

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