I’ve Been Vegucated

Soooooooooooooo… yesterday I had a Netlix streaming documentary marathon.  I originally curled up on the couch with my Earl Grey tea to catch up on HGTV.  However, I wasn’t really in the mood for the Property Brothers, so I browsed through Netflix’s streaming video selection, particularly documentaries, which I always find fascinating.  I found one called Hungry For Change which “exposes shocking secrets the diet, weight loss and food industries don’t want you to know about deceptive strategies designed to keep you coming back for more” *eyebrow raises*.  I loved Super Size Me, so I decided to give it a shot.

hungry for change vegetarian documentary movie

It was fascinating and educational.  After that, Netflix recommended Vegucated, an “award-winning documentary that follows three meat- and cheese-loving New Yorkers from different backgrounds who, for six weeks, adopt a vegan diet and a whole new way of thinking about food”.  Watching meat eaters squirm?  I’m in!

vegucated vegetarian documentary movie

It was fun, educational, and very eye-opening, particularly about the farm industry.  After that, Netflix insisted I watch one more [okay, twist my arm], called Forks Over Knives [the title alludes to choosing healthy eating over having to go under the surgeon’s knife later in life] which was amazing, shocking, eye-opening, AND life-changing [note that Roger Ebert calls it a “film that can save your life” – he’s not kidding!].  If you only have time or inclination to watch one of these films, this is the one I’d recommend.

forks over knives vegetarian documentary movie

My husband has been vegetarian for 18 years – he eats dairy and eggs, but no meat or fish.  I have leaned towards a vegetarian lifestyle for most of my adult life, but still enjoy occasional seafood.  Since meeting my husband Jim, I’ve gone from being about 75% vegetarian to about 95%.  After watching the documentaries, and realizing just how bad a typical American diet can be for you, I am VERY thankful Jim is vegetarian, and has steered me more in that direction.  The documentaries really make you think about what you’re putting in your mouth.  I am even more committed to a whole grain, plant-based diet now.  And yes, Mom, we eat enough protein!

After that I pretty much watched documentaries focusing on different types of addictions [drugs, alcohol, food, hoarding, etc.], which are always fascinating in a train-wreck, “omg my life is so blissfully uncomplicated” type of way.  Odd way to spend a day, but whatever, I learned a lot!!!

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2 thoughts on “I’ve Been Vegucated”

  1. Wow – now I have the guilty’s about not cleaning my dryer – I know I should; but I don’t. Hopefully this will spur me on.
    And then there’s the food issue regarding what we eat. I think what we eat is probably pretty healthy, but ….. we’re part time carnivores and somewhat vegetarians. If we watch your documentaries, perhaps they’ll scare us into giving up all that yummy meat, fish, and poultry. So …. we won’t watch them because we aren’t ready to give it all up. But good for you!
    Great job on your laundry room – your house is incredibly beautiful.

    • Thanks for the comment, Mom! I think your generation [and a bunch before you] were raised on a very meat-based diet, but I know you and Dad have always eaten healthy, and you two are healthy. The documentaries totally challenge the concept that we need animal products for protein, calcium, etc. Forks Over Knives highlights a study done in China for 40 years, starting in the 1960′s which tracks levels of heart disease, diabetes, etc. in 65 villages/towns/cities – and it’s astounding how much the rates increase once the villages get “Westernized”. Amazing, and scary. You can learn more about that on Amazon if you search for “The China Study: The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted And the Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss, And Long-term Health [Paperback]” written by a team of American and Chinese doctors.
      The documentary also interviews a mixed-martial arts master, and a triathlete who have been completely Vegan for years – they find it has enhanced their strength, endurance and overall health. It’s really a movie that makes you think, and question everything we’ve been taught about healthy eating…


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