Recessed Lighting – Part 3
Recessed Lighting – Part 3

Recessed Lighting – Part 3

Yesterday, while relaxing on the couch with hubby, I glanced up towards the ceiling and remembered I’d bought off-white spray paint for the recessed lighting trim.  So I grabbed my ladder and pulled two of the lighting trim pieces down.

A couple of quick trips to the basement and they were ready to go back up, with 2 fresh coats of off-white spray paint:


They look awesome!  Off-white, FTW!!!  [FTW = For The Win, for all you non-gamers].

The off-white looks SO much better than the bright white [which looked so much better than the original black].  Now they blend nicely into the ceiling, and when the lights are on, they give off a really nice glow:


So as the mood strikes, I’ll do the same for the rest of the black trim pieces.  Here’s a reminder pic:


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