Painting the Girl Cave Walls

When I first considered moving into the condo, back in January 2012, I convinced my husband to let me turn the 2nd bedroom into a GIRL CAVE.  Thankfully, he agreed 🙂  I mean, a girl has to have somewhere to hang her dragon stuff, her knife collection, her disco balls, and set up her art studio, right?  Here is a “before before” shot, courtesy of my father-in-law who thankfully took a lot of photos when Jim first bought the condo in late 2009:

replacing wall to wall carpet with hardwood in girl cave

I say “before before” because by the time I met Jim, 2.5 years later, you couldn’t see the floor [or bed] due to all the boxes and piles of randomly tossed crap everywhere.  There was also spare furniture stacked [literally] above my head.  The first time I opened the “mystery door”, I believe I yelled “HOLY SHIT!” and stood there with my mouth gaping open.  And then spent 10 minutes trying to coax Darwin out, who considered the room to be a cat-wonderland of epic proportions.  In my husband’s defense, he lost a ton of stuff 6 months after moving into the condo when a freak weather event turned the river outside the house into a class 5 rapids and flooded the basement with 4 feet of water.  So from that time forward, the 2nd bedroom became his storage locker.  Which I can understand.  I’m just very thankful it’s mine now!  All MINE!  *cackle*

It took almost a whole day to move everything to the basement, scrub the stains from the carpet [a few weeks later we made the decision to rip out the carpet and install hardwood flooring, which you can read about HERE], take down the damaged blinds leftover from the previous owner, wash crayon off the wall, step back & envision the potential.  I really wish I’d taken some pictures before moving everything to the basement…  Darwin was right – it was totally epic!

I probably should have painted the walls before moving all my stuff into the cave but I had no vision yet for how I wanted the room to look.  The hardwood floors were a huge improvement, and the disco ball always made pretty polka dots on the walls and ceiling.

8b        8c

After spending many hours in the cave over the following 18 months, I finally decided on a color scheme.  I picked Benjamin Moore Violet Mist for the walls, Benjamin Moore Amethyst Shadow for the built-in cabinet and small bookcase, and Benjamin Moore Galaxy for the ceiling:

benjamin moore violet mist – girl cave walls benjamin moore amethyst shadow – girl cave built-in cupboard benjamin moore galaxy – girl cave ceiling

In July 2013 I started taping off the wood trim, baseboards and ceiling in preparation for paint, and the following day I got the first wall painted with 2 coats of paint.  Violet Mist is a subtle greyish purple – it’s kind of hard to tell when you look at the following photos fast that there’s a difference, but the 2nd photo has the Violet Mist on the wall 🙂  You can also see our original ladder, before I bought the Little Giant.

8d        8e

A few days later I got the 2nd wall painted [I’m not the fastest DIY’er, but I get things done] and I was loving how it was turning out!  I now have all 4 walls painted, as well as the trim.

8f        8g

8h        girl cave walls violet mist hardwood floor        8j

I painted the trim white [it was dingy white before, and I painted it a nice, crisp, semi-gloss white to match the trim in the rest of the condo].  I blew fairy dust [very fine glitter] into the trim before it dried, so in certain lights it has a bit of a sparkle.  It’s hard to get a decent photo of fairy dust but I did my best:

girl cave trim with sparkles

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  1. I think I said it all the first time around (November 2013). Everything you’ve done is amazing – your house is fantastic in the true sense of the word. SO beautiful – and your location …… omg!

  2. Wonderful! You’re an amazing writer – always have been! Loved this story about the girl cave, but so sorry you didn’t take tons of ‘before’ pictures – they’re always such fun! Your blog is fascinating and your dyi instincts and talents are right on the money! Love this!

  3. Amazing. You are so talented. Please move down here for a year and do my house over…

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