It’s been a while since I’ve written about our fish tank. I believe last time we had 9 juvenile’s housed in 3 different tanks. Now we’re down to 3 adults & 1 tank. The tank contains 2 adult Mollies [a female and a male], 1 zebra danio, and 2 zebra nerite snails.

Because I don’t want more fish babies, I investigated building my own fish tank divider. I found a great YouTube video describing the 3 items needed. The video creator bought his for super cheap at Walmart, but I ordered mine from Amazon: plastic cross-stitch panels, aquarium suction cup dividers, and plastic report cover sliders [but I found I didn’t need those]:

I cut one of the plastic cross-stitch panels down to size [they cut very easily with scissors]:

Then placed 4 of the suction cup things into the fish tank:

and slid the cross-stitch panel down into the tank through the slots in the suction cup pieces. So easy!

It keeps the girl fish on the left & the boy fish on the right. They can see each other but can’t interact. The zebra danio is skinny enough to slide between the glass and the divider:

so every day he’s on a different side. It makes me happy since that way none of the fish are lonely ūüôā

Our tank is 5 gallon, so each Molly fish has 2.5 gallons to swim in, and the danio, like I said, changes sides whenever the mood strikes. The snails also change sides by climbing up and over the divider.

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