Ever since I installed the squirrel feeding platform last May [and then removed it last October] we’ve had mouse problems. The mice came from miles away to feed under the squirrel platform and by last Fall they began pulling insulation out of our foundation:

the mice were pulling insulation out of our house via a hole near the platform

Very frustrating! Hubby and I have tried to catch them in humane traps and relocate them, but usually they’re only inside during winter, and I won’t relocate them in winter because I’m too afraid they’ll freeze to death.

Last year I used some spray foam to fill in definite mouse holes:

But all they’re doing is digging in other places. So today I scraped as much of the excess spray foam off as I could:

Then used hardware cloth to try and prevent mice from accessing the foundation. I started near our front door:

I dug down a few inches:

and then staple-gunned hardware cloth to the clapboards, then filled in the area with dirt:

I repeated the process so mice couldn’t access the area under our front stoop:

Meanwhile Darwin was enjoying our neighbor Kathy’s catnip plants:

Hopefully this will keep mice from accessing our basement through the foundation but I have a lot more to do:

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  1. That’s a lot of work! I hope mice can’t fit through hardware cloth! They don’t look like they can … but they are almost boneless. Darwin is so helpful. Good luck!

    I like your new layout. What theme are you using?

    1. Nine Dark Moons

      Thanks, D’Arcy! This is my 3rd theme from Cryout Creations (all free). I started with Mantra, then moved to Nirvana a few years ago, and an now suffering through a large learning curve with Roseta. But Nirvana was like 5 or 6 years old and I was having issues with my page. I decided a brand new 2019 theme was the way to go, which incorporates all the ‘new’ theme technology. But it’s a lot different and I’m slowly slogging my way through it! Hope you and Eric and the furry kids are all doing well!

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