Upcoming Projects for 2019

You may recognize some of these from last year’s “Upcoming Projects” post.  I never got to them last year, so maybe I will this year!

[1] Paint Jim’s 3-drawer cupboard high-gloss lime green:

[2] Finish replacing brass doorknobs & hinges with silver:


[3] Paint a chameleon on the inside of the living room AC cabinet doors:

the completed ac box cover in the living room with doors open

[4] Re-face the fake-wood part of our master bath vanity:

new ikea bathroom vanity with double sinks

[5] Re-tile the laundry room:

using polyblend grout renew to re-hue the old dark grout in the laundry room

[6] Rebuild the back steps:

priming the back yard door with stix primer

[7] Replace beige switches with white ones:

[8] Create more stained glass creations:

[9] Install a deadbolt on the bedroom –> deck door:

view from the bedroom of the finished screen door

[10] Finish painting the bedroom built-in [on the left] high-gloss white:

the chameleon mural looks fantastic on our newly painted bedroom wall

[1] Have more of our old, drafty windows replaced so I don’t have to plastic them every winter:

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  1. Good list. It’s not too ambitious, but it gives you some things to focus on. I will publish my goals for this year tomorrow. There aren’t many, but they are big ones!

  2. All excellent projects – some easy, some not – but all will continue to improve your already gorgeous house!!
    I still think you might consider making the area under your deck into a screened porch. The decking would give you shade when it’s too hot to sit in the sun, and it would also give the cats a giant cateo! Fun!

    • We’d have to find somewhere else to store the motorcycles in the winter. It would be very hard to screen it all in, as it’s a strange shape + there’s a stone wall on one side, a picket fence on one side, and a tall fence on the other side.

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