Remembering Summer

Remembering Summer

It’s been so windy, cold, rainy, and dreary for the past 2 months that I wanted to share the random photos I took this past summer as I took walks through Ipswich.  It’s nice to remember the flowers and river and beautiful late afternoon light.  Most of my walks start on a dirt path which winds along the Ipswich River and is about a block from our house:


The path ends at a street full of gorgeous houses and gardens that also follows the River:








I love seeing wildlife on my walks.  I usually see turkeys and chickens but it’s also nice to see rabbits, cats, song birds, squirrels:

       ipswich massachusetts summer 2018 rabbit


Then I loop back to the dirt path again, and head towards home.  It’s always nice seeing our house across the town green and knowing I’m almost home:


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